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GiveTide and Plastic Tides announce strategic partnership

GiveTide and Plastic Tides are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, leveraging GiveTide’s next-generation fundraising technology to further Plastic Tide’s mission of inspiring action toward a plastic-free future by combining adventure, education, and youth empowerment.

New York City & Ithaca, NY October 26, 2020 – GiveTide and Plastic Tides today announced a strategic partnership, which the organizations hope will help Plastic Tides diversify their fundraising efforts and reach a new demographic of donors.

Plastic Tides is a nonprofit dedicated to catalyzing upstream solutions to plastic pollution and climate change. Following a successful awareness campaign regarding plastic microbeads in 2014, the organization developed a formula centered on adventure, education, and youth empowerment. Most recently, the organization launched their Global Youth Mentor (GYM) Program, which empowers youth leaders to choose from seven different proven project models or create their own solutions under the guidance of a mentor.

“It’s remarkable what youth leaders can accomplish with the support our mentors provide,” said Christian Shaw, Executive Director of Plastic Tides. “We’re excited for this next generation platform to attract a fresh demographic of consistent donors.”

With technology playing an increasingly critical role in fundraising, GiveTide’s fundraising platform will help Plastic Tides reach a new cohort of donors that are attracted to the concept of donating small amounts over time.

“We are especially thrilled to be partnering with Plastic Tides,” said Pete Ghiorse, Co-Founder & CEO of GiveTide. “Their upstream approach to fighting plastic pollution and climate change resonates strongly with our values as a team and a company. We’re honored to be able to help them further their mission in any way we can.”

Founded in 2017, GiveTide is a mobile fundraising platform that connects nonprofits with mobile donors. The platform’s flagship feature allows users to round up and donate the spare change on electronic purchases (e.g. $0.50 on a $3.50 cup of coffee), and make one-time and recurring donations seamlessly. Since launching, the GiveTide mobile app has raised tens of thousands of dollars for hundreds of U.S. nonprofits and has been featured in the Apple App Store, Forbes, and the Oprah Magazine.


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