Pressing Issue: Beirut Explosion

August 11, 2020




BEIRUT, LEBANON - AUGUST 05 2020: view of Beirut Port completely destroyed as the inspection of the scene continues after a fire at a warehouse with explosives led to massive blasts in Beirut


Lebanon’s capital of Beirut experienced a great tragedy on August 4th at 3:09 PM GMT. At the city’s port there had been 2,750 tons of confiscated ammonium nitrate that was left without proper safety measures for six years. Ammonium nitrate, while used for fertilizer, is also used as an active ingredient in bombs. Without proper care, the store of chemicals was a ticking time bomb.


There were two explosions that took place, the second being the most powerful. The damage to the port was devastating, claiming at least 220 lives and causing more than 7,000 injuries. In addition to the many lives lost, there are also 300,000 people left homeless in the wake of the explosion. The estimated property damage is $10-15 billion, affecting more than half of the city. The explosion is said to be the most powerful non-nuclear explosion in history, felt in Turkey, Syria, Israel, and parts of Europe, more than 160 miles away.


Lebanon is home to nearly 1.5 million Syrian refugees, and the country is already experiencing a severe economic crisis. The country’s weak healthcare system and current political crisis have left families with no means to protect themselves against a pandemic. With hospitals completely overwhelmed, charities working on site urgently need your help in supporting relief efforts.


The city is currently experiencing massive food shortages as 85% of the country’s grain is normally processed in the ports where the explosion took place. With the port expected to be closed for at least the next month, the city of Beirut needs our help.



Charities such as Save the Children, UNICEF, Red Cross, World Food Program USA, and Relief International are doing great work to help rebuild the city and support the people who were affected.


When you create a GiveGoal for any of the nonprofits listed above (or any other nonprofit helping), you will be able to scale your impact and make sure your giving is a consistent action rather than a one-time moment.



Use your voice to share information about those in need! Help spread awareness to your family and friends or use social media to let people know what’s going on. This is a great way to scale your impact!


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