Pressing Issue: Nepal Migrant Crisis

July 9, 2020



Nepal is currently facing an emergency crisis as over half a million workers want to return home to Nepal. These people, however, are faced with unsafe conditions, hunger, dangerously high temperatures and dehydration. Many of these workers are coming from Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. The pandemic has already forced many migrant workers to return to Nepal, which holds significant national and regional implications for the country.


Nepal migrant workers abroad have reported increasing difficulties in repatriation and accessing basic necessities. For example, many are left without food, shelter, and money, which means that any delays in government response is a matter of life or death. These citizens need help accessing food, water, shelter and medical testing, which they need before returning to their communities.


BlinkNow is an incredible organization that works to build progressive and uplifting communities in Nepal. BlinkNow was able to step in and meet some of the emergency needs of food and water, while also serving as a liaison between the local government and larger aid organizations, bridging the gap until large-scale relief efforts can be implemented.


Despite their emergency efforts to help the migrant workers returning to Nepal, their team continues to provide for the local community and is committed to protecting the safety of the children and families they serve.


BlinkNow is currently using donations to expand their food bank outreach, deliver emergency water, and serve as a liaison between the local government and larger organizations with the capacity to help even more.


Maggie Doyne started BlinkNow after graduating from high school in Mendham, NJ, and using her savings from babysitting jobs to move to Nepal to start an orphanage. Since then, she and her incredible team have accomplished so much, and Maggie has adopted 53 children from Nepal. Learn more about her inspiring story here.


So, how can you help?



Create a GiveGoal on our app to make giving to BlinkNow a habitual action rather than a moment, or you can donate directly on their website here.



Use your voice to share information about the crisis! Help spread awareness to your family and friends or use social media to let people know what’s going on. This is a great way to scale your impact.



If you have any connections in Nepal or know someone working with a larger NGO, contact Maggie Doyne at The organization is looking to build relationships between the government and businesses or organizations that could help meet the demand for emergency supplies, as more people are arriving every day in need of food and water.






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