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Why Giving Doesn't Have To Be Overwhelming

If I’ve learned anything in 2020, it's two things: life as you know it can change in the snap of a finger, and the world needs our help. Whether it was the wildfires destroying Australian wildlife, COVID-19 leaving families out of work and hungry, the Yemen humanitarian crisis or learning about the death of George Floyd, oftentimes I've found myself feeling small and helpless.

I’m a college student with little spending money, which makes it difficult to make a huge difference for a cause I’m passionate about. Here’s how I used to think of donations: if I donate x amount of money to a cause, I’ll just buy one or two less coffees this week.

I’ve always thought that I was so lucky to be born in America into a loving family. Because I was born with these favorable circumstances, I believe that it is my responsibility to help people who weren’t. Right? But how could I make an actual impact in somewhere like Kenya when I have no money?

I am honored to be working with GiveTide as an intern this summer. During the past few weeks, I’ve grown to understand the platform and the simplicity of its concept.

When I first heard about GiveTide, the concept immediately made sense to me. Pete and James Ghiorse, the co-founders of the app, really figured out how to simplify giving and embed it into people’s lives in a personalized way that makes sense for each individual user. I realized (and was relieved) that I didn’t have to drop everything and move to Kenya to make a significant impact.

GiveTide allows you to pick a cause or causes that you’re passionate about, and give consistent donations of any amount simply by rounding up spare change. This was perfect for me, because I could set a $5 limit per week and just skip one or two coffees, something that would barely affect my life but have a big impact on someone else’s. By donating just $5 each week, I was able to consistently feed a family in Kenya. It’s too easy. (Click here to learn more about the incredible cause I’ve been supporting for five+ years!)

GiveTide currently has 1,400+ nonprofits on its platform. If it doesn’t have the nonprofit you’re looking for, they can add it. That being said, sometimes the options of where you can donate and how you are able to help can be overwhelming. That’s why GiveTide is posting a series of “Pressing Issues” blogs. Here you’ll be able to learn about urgent issues going on in the world and which nonprofits on the GiveTide app are supporting these issues. Keep an eye out!

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