3 Simple Steps to Join Giving Tuesday this Year

November 21, 2017

If you’ve never heard of Giving Tuesday, don’t worry, 87% of Americans haven't heard of it either. Here's all you need to know to participate this year.



Giving Tuesday is a world-wide day of giving that takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.


Since the first one in 2012, donations on Giving Tuesday have exploded. In 2016, 168 MILLION dollars was donated in a single day, and some estimates suggest that number could be much higher.


But what's so special about this specific Tuesday? Well, it's no coincidence that it takes place right after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when Americans will collectively spend more than $5 billion.


So, whether you plan on brawling the crowds this Black Friday, or frantically refreshing Amazon this Cyber Monday, set a few dollars of your big savings aside, and give Giving Tuesday a try.


GiveTide will help you get the most out of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday this year. Here's how in 3 dead-simple steps:


Step 1: Download GiveTide and Set a Few Goals


Thanksgiving is the perfect day to get started. You can find the app here (sorry Android users, iOS only for now!)


Once the food coma sets in, take a minute or two to act on the things you are thankful for.


Don't be afraid to start small: just $1 of your spare change to the Against Malaria Foundation will protect someone from Malaria for 4 years. With $3.60, Oxfam can provide a child with an entire month of school lunches.


The key is to pledge something. Don't stress about the amount, getting started is the most important part. 




Step 2: Hit the Sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Go buy your new OLED flatscreen, or pick up some fresh succulents at the local nursery.


If you can buy it with a credit card, GiveTide can round up your spare change to the nearest dollar.


Don't worry about rounding up too much, simply set your weekly cap to an amount you're comfortable with. 






Step 3: On Giving Tuesday, Simply Tap to Give!


Check your balance in the app to see how much you've raised with your

roundups. Its like finding a crumpled $5 bill in your jacket pocket - you didn't realize it was missing, so its super easy to give away! Except it's way cooler.


Forget about writing checks and double-checking your 3-digit security code. This year, you can make a difference with a single tap. It's literally never been easier to give. If Grandma Tight can do it, I promise you can too. 


There are many ways to give, and countless reasons why, but every single act of generosity counts. 




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