Toyota Helped Reduce Blood Infections in Children's Hospitals by 75%. They Used Production Principles.

September 14, 2017

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Partners in Problem Solving -- TSSC Advisor Scott Dickson joined forces with Amy Taylor, clinical manager of Gastroenterology, and other members of the staff at Children's Health in Dallas to find a solution  to the problem of central line-associated blood stream infections.


Some Baffling Bacteria


Last year, four well-regarded children's hospitals across the United States all noticed the same frustrating problem: despite following strict hygiene standards, too many young patients were contracting a certain infection after being fitted with a central line. 


These infections are serious, and although they are typically easily-treatable, current countermeasures cost hospitals in the US over $6 billion a year. Despite the hospitals' best efforts, however, these pernicious bacteria kept slipping through their defenses.


Enter...a Toyota Production Advisor?


Scott Dickson, who has worked in Toyota's Production System Support Center for the last 5 years (he's been with Toyota for 15), was moved by the problem. Dickson realized that he could utilize his production training to help the hospitals find their issue.


Just one year later, Dickson had helped drive infections down 75 percent. When asked about his success, Dickson replied that he is eager to "eliminate these infections altogether."


Kudos to Mr. Dickson for defining his own unique form of philanthropy, using nothing but raw experience and sheer creativity. 


Originally published September 14 2017

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