How America Gives: Interactive Map

September 11, 2017

Interactive giving map shows higher participation rates in the South / Chronicle of Philanthropy


This interactive map was created using charitable giving data from the IRS, and show the percentage of donors per capital across the country.


Assembled by The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the map can be filtered by zip code, household income and even political party. This interactive tool exposes some important insights into the state of philanthropy in America today.


In a time of great economic inequality in this country, middle and lower income individuals are donating more than they ever have before. People are beginning to recognize that you don't need to be a Rockefeller to participate in philanthropy. 


The map shows that even in the most generous county in the country, only 4% of the population donated. But this is misleading for a few reasons. First, this data is limited to the households that filed deductions for charitable donations on their taxes.


This means that smaller donors are underrepresented because participatory giving isn't driven by tax incentives. Last year, 84% of millennials gave to charity, at GiveTide, we want 100%. With the right tools, everyone can chip in to help out a good cause. 


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