Round-up spare change.

Donate to any charity with a tap.


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Round up your spare change. Donate to any nonprofit with a tap.


Donating your spare change has never been easier. Round up your spare change from every day purchases. Support any nonprofit with a single tap. Welcome to the new age of fundraising.

Navigate an elegant user interface painstakingly designed and maintained with dozens of in-person interviews with real users.

Support your favorite nonprofit on any budget. Customize a weekly cap, and pause your roundups at any time. Donate as much or as little as your comfortable with.

Team up with friends and family to multiply your donations, and seamlessly share your fundraising goals across email, text, and social. Invite others to donate their spare change for a common goal.

GiveTide's unique, real-time giving history lets you track donations every step of the way. See the impact your spare change can have as you donate. 

Enjoy the same enterprise-grade security trusted by Acorns, Venmo, and nonprofits such as Charity Water.



Round up your spare change from every day purchases.

Donate to the nonprofit of your choice.

Getting started takes minutes, for charities too.



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Your giving, in your lifestyle. Round up. Tap. Donate. 

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