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Welcome to GiveTide! Let's get you set up and donating in 5 minutes.

1. Search "GiveTide" in the Apple App Store and open the app

2. Tap "Get Started!"


3. Input your profile information and tap "Continue," or sign up with Facebook


4. Choose a cause!


Search for your nonprofit by name using the search bar

Or browse for a nonprofit

by category

5. Tap a nonprofit's card to enter their profile


6. This is a nonprofit profile!


The dashboard gives you some quick stats about your chosen nonprofit

The Activity Feed shows you who has been interacting with a nonprofit

Tap the donate button to support a nonprofit

7. There are 2 ways to donate with GiveTide. Let's learn how to roundup and donate by tapping "Create GiveGoal."


Tap "Create a GiveGoal" to start rounding up and donating spare change

Or tap here to make a simple donation of any amount

8. A GiveGoal is a fundraising goal that you set for a nonprofit. There's no time limit, and you can only complete a GiveGoal with spare change (we call spare change "roundups").


Enter an amount and tap "Create my GiveGoal" to make your own goal.

Or join someone else's goal here.

9. Now it's time to link a payment source. 


Tap "Start rounding up"

10. Tap continue and follow the prompts until you sign into your online banking profile.


11. Your Funding Source is the account that GiveTide will draw from in order to fund all of your donations. You cannot fund donations with a credit card.


12. Your roundup source is the card(s) that will trigger roundups when used. You may use a credit card as your roundup source, but the roundups themselves will be drawn from your funding source.


13. Now tweak your giving preferences... remember to set your weekly cap!


Your single tap amount will make more sense in a few minutes, bear with us and we'll come back to this one.

Your weekly cap is the maximum dollar amount of spare change that can be rounded up in a given week.

Tap the question marks to learn more!

14. Finally, choose whether or not to enable Auto-Donate.


Enable Auto-Donate if you want to "set it and forget it." Every week, your roundups will automatically be split between all of your active GiveGoals.

15. You're all set!


Swipe your roundup source and, after a few days, the spare change on your transactions will appear here.

Once you have some roundups, simply go to the Home tab and tap a nonprofit's logo to donate. Remember your "Single Tap" amount from the settings menu? That setting determines how much of your roundups gets donated with each tap. 

Tap here to share your GiveGoal via text, email, etc.

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